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Meet 34 35 studio ver 2021

An old Romanian saying goes something like this: a really good hairdresser does not have a haircut, a very good mechanic does not have a car in good get the idea. We are not web designers however, our website required a high level of involvement from our side in order to make it a reality.

Seemed like we never got around to find enough time to allocate to this project, however, it is a very important component of our marketing so here it is, freshly published today.

It was an interesting project as we wanted it to be perfect for you, our visitor. No matter how much research we made we always found some other type of visitor that maybe we did not cover as well as we could. This drove the development team nuts. I take this opportunity to apologize for all the crazy changes we requested during the development phase. Really sorry guys!

We managed to only cover some of the photo services we are currently offering to our customers: Product Photography, Portraits, Real Estate, Office Space Photography, 3DVirtual Tours, while we barely mentioned others like Drone Video, Video Services. So if you want to be up2date with what we do, feel free to register for updates on the home webpage.

We really hope that you enjoy your visit and you find the information you came looking for. We welcome any feedback as we always aim to be better, so don't be shy and let us know what you think!

Stary safe, stay creative!



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