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Charity Events are a great way to raise awareness about various situations, to raise donations that have a meaningful impact in solving real problems.

In 2020 we have decided to try to give back a little more and to participate in Daddy Daughter Charity Ball 2020. We can offer two types of collaborations but we are always opened to new ideas. For now, we have offered free photography services for the event as well as a set of prizes for the raffle organized in order to raise money. 

We hope the list below will only grow larger and we will be able to make an impact.


If you are organizing such events, please feel free to get in touch so that we can discuss how we can work together. 

Give us a call or a WhatsApp message: +40752172104

Email us:


Daddy Daughter Charity Ball 2020


The Daddy Daughter Charity Ball 2020, aimed at supporting the Art Safari Kids program by raising awareness about it and raising donations in order to support this wonderful initiative. 34 35 studio is proud to be part of this amazing event which is becoming a regular tradition. We were happy to contribute to the organized raffle with prizes totaling 1600 EUR out of 7200 EUR total raffle value. 

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