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BACK TO SCHOOL - 5 creative ideas how to photograph your child!

Yes, it is that time of the year. BACK TO SCHOOL! Purchasing what is needed, the emotion of the first day back in school, meeting friends, colleagues, and teachers. These great moments could make for some fantastic photographs you will treasure for years. Do you feel that you lack the know-how and experience to take such photos? Have no fear we will teach you everything you need to know in this 5 min easy to implement guide!


What gear do you need?

Better gear will provide better results for sure but at the same time, it will complicate the entire process. We will keep it simple and consider that the best camera you have is the camera you have with you. Welcome to THE PHONE CAMERA.

The only piece of valuable advice we can give you here is to clean your lens before each shooting session. As you take your phone from your pocket or bag, you will probably touch the lenses with your hand which will definitely worsen the quality of your photos. Use a specially designed piece of material for this operation. Worst case scenario, use your T-Shirt (we do not recommend this as it could damage the lens).

Remember to touch gently your phone when taking the picture so you do not have shaky photos.


Take better photos tips and tricks

There are a few simple things that you can do in order to greatly improve your photos. Here is a list that we put together for you:

  1. Take candid photos. Sure, posed photos where you ask the child to stay in a certain way can be great but they will never be better than an unscripted candid portrait.

  2. Get down to their level. Allow yourself to take the photos sitting down at the children's level and do not take the photos standing. As a rule of thumb, your camera should be positioned at the chest level of your child. This will give a very beautiful perspective on the photo.

  3. Get into their world. Try to do some activities together or play a game. Like this, they will feel more relaxed and you will be able to capture them in their natural state.

  4. Take a photo in their uniform. They might hate it now but will love it years from now. And so will you.

  5. Take a photo with their best friends and or close colleagues. Most likely your child will feel very comfortable around their best friends or colleagues and you will take some amazing photos of them.

  6. Try different angles. Do not take photos from the same position. Move around, go high, go low, left and right from top down, etc.

  7. Make this photo session a tradition every year. Either take the photos yourself or ask for a professional photographer to do it, making this a tradition will provide an amazing photo album later on.


5 ideas you can try!

Now that we gave you all the knowledge you need to take amazing photos, let us get rid of the last excuse you might have: I have no creative ideas and I take boring photos!!! NO EXCUSES for you today, here are 5 things you can try:

  • Take photos of the school gear you bought. Children will enjoy such memories years from now.

  • Parents are usually more nervous than kids. Take photos of you and your child preparing to leave or walking to school.

  • Jumping group shot. Ask them to gather in a small 3 to 7 children group, and ask them to jump while trying to capture the moment. TIP: use the burst feature of your phone (keep the take photo button pressed instead of a short press) this will increase your chance of taking at least a good photo. You might want to practice this in advance. Even if you got your photo, let them jump a little bit more, they will love it. If you can find a puddle next to them even better, their reflection in the water will make the photo better.

  • Photograph them from down low or top-down. This will give you a totally new and unexpected perspective. Try keeping the phone straight to avoid distortion.

  • Ask your child to show you his/hers favorite spot in the schoolyard and snap some photos in that location. If you want them not to pay attention to the camera, you could ask them to tell you/show you why is their favorite place. Don't be shy, jump into the photo with them (ask someone to take the photo or use the timer function of your phone - try to avoid using the front camera if possible due to low-quality photos).


Ask the children to do some funny faces, they will love it!

Last but not least, remember to have fun, treasure these unique moments, and make some amazing memories!

Have a great back-to-school day!!!


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