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At 34 35 studio, we value the work that local animal shelters and volunteers put in helping animals. The ADOPT! DON'T SHOP! project is aiming at helping the shelter animals being adopted quicker. As part of the project, we provide free photography services for animals waiting to be adopted as well as educational materials for the possible adopter

You can also help out as volunteers are always welcomed to the project. You can help out the shelters or if you are a photographer and want to learn how to take animal portraits this is a very good opportunity to learn while helping out the local community. 

Charity Events

We were lucky to be able to do what we like most in life: photography and forge a carrier by doing this. We were lucky to be healthy and able to work for a living as well as to put food on the table from our craft.

Not everybody is so lucky. 

We strongly believe that as we make more we should share more and we consider this to be an obligation. To try to help others that require our help.

In this respect, we are an active part of Charity Programs that ask for our help and we dedicate resources as much as we can for such causes.

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As part of our CSR policy, we are, among other things, offer our services for free for such projects run by other companies, NGO's and so on. 

We also run our own programs on a yearly basis. 

It makes us very happy to be able to make an impactful contribution to society, something that can be seen, measured, that brings a smile to someone's face. 


Click on the link below to learn more or if you want to be part of something bigger. 


As part of our CSR strategy, we are offering free consultancy to Start-Up businesses regarding photography. 

We work closely with those that ask for our help on several levels, depending on what is best suited to their needs. 

We can provide our partners with simple consultancy on how to approach a problem related to photography or we can teach them how to solve the problem themselves. In some cases, we also provided free services. 

We remember how hard it was at the beginning for us. But more important we cannot forget the wonderful people around us that helped us, believed in us, and encouraged us to continue. Without them, we wouldn't be here. Now, it is our turn to give something back!

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