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During the years we have worked for large and small customers, from Romania or abroad. Customers close to us or as far away as USA and China. Factories, cosmetics producers, media agencies, real estate developers, magazines, travel agencies, online and offline shops, car dealers, hotels, and restaurants. 




Javier Garcia del Valle

CEO - Happy Tour Group

"Let me start by saying that I am not a big fan of portraits BUT, my experience with 34 35 studio was such that, after finishing the “work” shooting, I asked to have also a “family” shooting. Everything run so smoothly in both cases, they made me (us) feel so comfortable that it did not seem like being in a shooting session. They took their time to understand me, asked the right questions, got to know my personality and expectations in such a way that the results were really amazing. Their “easy” approach, their passion for what they do, and their capabilities of getting a very natural style in a very professional way. Everything was very well organized. Great Experience!! Fantastic Professionals!! Thank you 34 35 studio for the unforgettable pictures received!!"


Ana Smadeanu Pavelescu

Managing Partner - Seven Media

"When you return to a photographer for the second time it must mean that the first photos have sent the desired message. 34 35 studio has become our preferred photo studio for photography and videography and I am happy to recommend them. The team members are patient with us (amateurs in the art of photography), they are creative and proactive. We always follow their recommendations and until now all projects prove to be successful."

RaduT Testimonial

Radu Tudorache

Founder - Xponentals

"Working with 34 35 studio was an exceptional experience, especially as I was doing a professional photo shooting for the first time and was expecting it to feel somehow uncomfortable. Andrei came across as a high-end, expert photographer that also gave the utmost consideration to everything I suggested (or even considered). Every time I had an idea, Andrei was quick to decode it and not only accept it but propose a solution that actually addressed my intention."

Ana Paz foto 2.png

Ana Paz 

Ana Paz Artist

"34 35 studio is a professional team without any doubt. It's not just about their high level of knowledge but also the passion they are working with. They deliver more than you asked for in a very clear and simple manner. Besides their professional explanations for my technical problems, they even created step-by-step videos where they demonstrated the solutions. They were quick in answering and always ready to help. I highly recommend them for any job related to commercial photography or videography."

Irina Popescu Photo.png

Irina Popescu

Founder - Inner Space Counselor

"34 35 studio helped me create a small video studio in my house from where I can record my videos and I can broadcast my online classes. Besides being easygoing and kind, they are able to give useful advice in accordance with my specific needs. After explaining shortly what I would like to achieve, they have sent me a pdf file with all the specs I needed for my space (camera, lights, microphone) while also indicating the best websites to buy what I need. Thank you so much 34 35 studio​"


Marius Borsan

Managing Partner - Lumanarie

"Andrei from 34 35 studio is a person full of positive energy, always displaying a big honest smile. He personally visited our office and helped us with practical advice in making our product photography better. Together we created the setup and decided what we need to buy. This was an excellent experience as building the studio together meant I have learned how to do it myself rather than reading about it or watching Andrei do it. He is a true professional and for the people that have the chance to meet him a true friend. We recommend working with 34 35 studio without any hesitation."

Some of our customers:

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Life Dental Spa

Lucian Ungureanu

Cloud Business Group Lead - Microsoft

"Working with 34 35 studio was such a smooth process! I highly enjoyed their professionalism, warmth, and expertise. They were super organized and knew exactly what they wanted to achieve, but also allowed for spontaneous creativity." 


Radu Cârja

Head of Division Small Hydro - Voith 

"Tough choice, a multitude of photo studios to choose from - in the end I made a perfect choice. I knew Andrei, I admired his work online - it was that mix of high photographic quality, color, and the feeling his photos gave you, they were alive - the subject seemed to be there, inches away. I attended the photo session with my wife, we enjoyed it, the result was beyond expectations. We now have a set of photos that we always look at fondly and have been using extensively lately - for social and professional networks or for the photo frames that fill our house. I highly recommend you won't be disappointed, we can't wait to come back to 34 35 studio."


Marius Michailov

Photographer - Forbes Romania

"Have been working with 34 35 studio for a couple of years now on various projects, either full photo tasks or editing jobs. What I came to appreciate the most from our collaboration is the fact that once all details are set, you can simply forget about the task as 34 35 studio will deliver in due time at the required quality levels. This is of paramount importance in my line of work as deadlines are fixed and the quality of the magazine is of the highest level. If I am to summarize, I would say that 34 35 studio is offering peace of mind and the certainty that things will get done as expected over and over again.


Cristina Cojocaru

Unit Sales Manager - Metropolitan Life

" Why 34 35 studio and what was my experience? Andrei can be quite formal, pay extra attention to his customers but at the same time, he is extremely charismatic. Working with him from the model point of view was a real pleasure. I have never posed before but I felt no pressure. I never realized when the photo session was over 200 photos later :) and I guess it was due to Andrei's professional approach as well as his easy-going nature. Everything happened over a cup of coffee. Granted, it was a large cup of coffee. 

Thank you 34 35 studio, I recommend your services with all my heart!

Smutifinal (2).png


Managing Partner - Mr.Smuti

"Professionalism, creativity, and promptness are just a few words that describe our meeting. We managed to turn our ideas into reality together and we were very pleased with the results. We highly recommend working with 34 35 studio for your video projects.

Matache Octavian.jpeg

Octavian Matache

Commercial Director - Speedwell

I warmly recommend 34 35 studio for professionalism and deliverable quality! Good luck!

Portret Rares Besliu_120_edited.jpg

Rares Besliu

Founder - NoTouch

" I strongly recommend working with 34 35 studio for their professional conduct as well as the high quality of the deliverables they are producing. Thank you for your help.

Adriana Ghita.jpg

Adriana Ghita

Founder - Farmacia Hadri

"Real professionals, dedicated 100% to the customer project. Serious and quick whenever I needed their help. Working together since 2019, and I don't see that changing in the future. I strongly recommend working with 34 35 studio."

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