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Hello and welcome

My name is Andrei Raileanu and I am the founder of 34 35 studio. I am passionate about photography forever but I got the chance to practice it officially and exclusively since 2018. I consider myself lucky for the chance of building a second carrier by doing what I most enjoy doing. Like this, "work doesn't feel like work". 

Congratulations on your purchase I look forward to meeting you and beginning to work together. Not only you have helped a fantastic organization as Hospice but you will also embark on an amazing learning journey. 

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A little bit about my evolution as a photographer and photographer instructor: 


  • 2018 I founded 34 35 studio, a photography studio focusing on product photography, business portraits as well as personal branding, architecture, real estate, hotel photography as well as corporate events. 

  • We provide our services to customers worldwide, from the US to China as well as all over Europe. 

  • Locally we work with customers like Rolex, Forbes, BMW, Microsoft, HP, Marmorosch, etc. 

  • In 2019 I started working as a photography instructor and critique for one of the biggest online photography schools: from California USA. Since 2021 I am the executive manager of Photigy. You can find more details here.

  • 2021 we have extended our hotel client portfolio and added video services as well as virtual tour services to our portfolio. 

  • I am photographing and producing video content for magazines like Forbes, Ziarul Financiar, Business Week, Psihologia Magazine, Trendshrb, etc.


  • What do the customers say -> click here

  • Part of my portfolio -> Portraits | Real Estate | Jewelry | Bottles | Cosmetics | Various 

  • Information about my activity inside -> click here

  • What my students say about me:

    • Photigy​

      • Graham Keeling - UK: "I have learned a lot from the course so far. Andrei's feedback has contributed to this. A key benefit of the course is the review process - having someone experienced set a benchmark and evaluate your efforts against that is really helpful. It may sound too much like school but a simple marking system (n/10 for example) might also guide how well the submitted work compared to an expected standard?"
        Happy student though - thank you!

      • Liedia Van de Mortel - NL: "Andrei is 👍👍👍👍👍
        He explains things very clearly, gives suggestions, and is enthusiastic."

      • Michael Wolfe - USA: "Andrei gave me very solid, actionable feedback. And while he was pointing out opportunities for me to improve, he gave me encouragement and made me believe I could become a professional product photographer. "

    • Children Photography Course:​

      • Runa Borcos 11 ani (RO): "Este un curs interesant, la care inveti lucruri noi si afli cat de multa munca este in spatele unei fotografii. Acolo sunt oameni care te inteleg, apreciaza si ajuta sa imbunatatesti toate pozele"​

      • Monica Simion (RO): "Daca acum nu multumesc, atunci cand? Aceasta e intrebarea care tot imi vine in minte in ultima perioada. Perioada aceasta a Coronavirusului ne-a facut mai constienti de efemeritatea vietii noastre. De faptul ca totul functioneaza conform planului pana la un moment at. Ca totul are un termen de valabilitate. Chiar si perioada in care poti spune cuiva Multumesc"

      • Laura Tamasanu 14 ani (RO):"Cu ajutorul acestui curs acumulezi cunoștințe consolidate prin practică. Înveți să lucrezi in echipă și că o fotografie reușită este aceea care se remarcă prin spontaneitate, creativitate și originalitate."

      • Mihaela Tamasanu (RO): "Un curs la care înveţi că ceea ce părea să fie simplu, e foarte complex. Detalii ce par neînsemnate fac diferenţa dintre o poză comună (adesea dintr-un şir lung de încercări) şi o poză care surprinde, care te face să zăboveşti asupra sa. Un instructor foto te poate ajuta să faci alegerile inspirate în arta fotografiei, căci şi realizând fotografiile doar din pasiune, pentru albumul personal, tot o artă rămâne. Nu-i simplu să (te) surprinzi, poate necesita ore de muncă, evident - inspiraţie, dar presupune şi cunoaşterea unor reguli de bază, pe care un instructor te poate ajuta să le inţelegi."

  • Q&A session example for​​:


My major expertise is in the categories below:

Creative shots.jpg

Jewelry photography

Bottles photography


Corporate portraits
Personal Branding

Hotel Photography

Environmental portrait
Schnitzel 2.jpg

Food Photography

Drone usage

Pelicani in delta.jpg

Wildlife Photography

Video Production


Business of photography


During one year, in weekly face 2 face as well as online meetings, we are going to discuss about: 

  1. Introduction in photography (2h)

    1. Introduction​

    2. Introduction in digital photography

    3. How does the camera work 

    4. Digital camera limits

    5. Most common 5 mistakes when using a digital camera

  2. Operating modes for digital cameras (4h+4h)​

    1. What is the auto mode?​

    2. What are the semi-automatic modes?

    3. What is the manual mode?

    4. Photo lenses

  3. Aperture (3h + 3h)​

    1. What is the aperture?​

    2. How does it work?

    3. What are the aperture limitations?

    4. How do I use the aperture depending on the available light?

    5. How do I use various aperture values to get the photo I want?

  4. White balance (0,5h+0,5h)​

    1. What is the white balance?​

    2. How do I set it up?

    3. How do I use the proper settings depending on the subject?

  5. Shutter speed (3h+3h)​

    1. What is it?​

    2. How do I set it up?

    3. What limitations does it bring?

    4. How do I use it depending on available light?

    5. How do I use various values for the shutter speed in order to get the desired result? 

  6. ISO (3h + 3h)​

    1. What is ISO​

    2. How do I set it up

    3. How do I use ISO based on available light

    4. How do I use various ISO values to get the desired photo?

  7. Manual Mode (1h+2h)​

    1. What is Manual Mode?​

    2. How do I set up the Manual Mode?

    3. How and when should I use the Manual Mode?

    4. Why would I want to work in Manual Mode?

  8. Camera lenses types and the importance of each one in achieving the desired result (3h+2h)​

    1. Fish Eye​

    2. Wide

    3. Normal

    4. Tele

    5. Super Tele

    6. Macro

    7. Tilt&Shift

  9. Focusing system (3h+3h)​

    1. Manual Focus ​

    2. Auto Focus Single

    3. Auto Focus Continous

  10. Ambient light vs artificial light (3h + 6h)​

  11. Composition (3X3h+3X3h)

    1. What are the composition rules​

    2. Strong points

    3. The rule of thirds

    4. Diagonals and triangles

    5. Central composition and symmetry 

    6. Foreground, depth of field, and subject isolation

    7. Frames

    8. Guiding lines

    9. Patterns and textures 

    10. Odd numbers rule

    11. Fill the frame vs negative space

  12. Photography editing workflow (3X3h+3X3h)​

    1. Workflow​

    2. Software for photo editing (computer and mobile phone)

    3. Editing techniques

  13. Photography genres (8X3h+8X3h):​

    1. Portrait​

    2. Documentary

    3. Product

    4. Macro

    5. Family photography

    6. Architecture and real estate

    7. Landscape and urban landscape 

    8. Wildlife

    9. Night and astrophotography

In total, we will spend 136 hours (67.5 hours of theory and 68,5 hours of practice). Additionally, you will have the chance to join me in real-live photo sessions for one year. 

If you are already a photographer and you just need specific guidance, I will be more than happy to mentor you for one year on specific topics that you require assistance with. 


Thank you for your time, if you have additional questions please get in touch. I also invite you to check the rest of the website as well as our social media channels. 

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