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34 35 studio photography school



every saturday

22.10 - 10.12.2022 

How many places

only 9 out of 12 available 

What will I teach?

  • How any camera works so no matter what you will use, you will be able to take amazing photos that will impress family and friends!

  • How to compose beautiful images with basic photography rules.

  • How to take better photos with your phone.

  • How to edit your photos directly from your phone.

  • How to photograph in different scenarios like portraits, family, buildings and interiors, macro shots, food and drinks, night photography, street and photojournalism. 

  • How to provide constructive criticism.

  • How to receive constructive criticism and how to protect against the not-so-constructive type of criticism.

  • Knowledge is sometimes more important than the tools you have at your disposal.

  • Making mistakes is an integral part of learning and as long as this process takes you closer to your goal it is ok. 



Dr. Iulia Panturu

Dr. Iulia Roșu (Panțuru)

Medic Dermatolog

Portret Rares Besliu_120_edited.jpg

Rareș Beșliu

Fotograf Wildlife

Pt Selectie LDS - Cristina si Stefan_021

Dr. Cristina Obreja

Medic Stomatolog

2c539b12-a0f9-46a4-b276-e7e1e00c7e23 2.jpg

Roxana Maria Vișan

GM Moxy Bucharest Old Town

Matache Octavian.jpeg

Octavian Matache

Director Commercial Speedwell

Every week one surprise guest will speak for 10 minutes to the children about their job, what it means to be a doctor, a photographer, or a hotel GM, and will explain how these jobs all connect and need good quality photos and videos. 

The guests will answer any questions the children may have in an additional 5 minutes session. The purpose of these short sessions is to provide the children with insides about various jobs, maybe to inspire them towards a certain career later on and to show how photography is basically needed everywhere. 

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