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Hello and welcome

My name is Andrei Raileanu and I am the founder of 34 35 studio. I have been passionate about photography forever, but I got the chance to practice it officially and exclusively since 2018. I consider myself lucky for the opportunity of building a second carrier by doing what I most enjoy doing. Like this, "work doesn't feel like work". 

It is our pleasure and honor to support your project with photography and videography services up to a value of 1500 EUR to be used in 2023. Our tariffs are 500 EUR/day or 250 EUR/half day. You will find a list of available services below, feel free to choose the ones that best fit your needs.

I look forward to meeting you and beginning to work together. 

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A little bit about my evolution as a photographer and photographer instructor: 


  • 2018 I founded 34 35 studio, a photography studio focusing on product photography, business portraits as well as personal branding, architecture, real estate, hotel photography as well as corporate events. 

  • We provide our services to customers worldwide, from the US to China as well as all over Europe. 

  • Locally we work with customers like Rolex, Forbes, BMW, Microsoft, HP, Marmorosch, etc. 

  • In 2019 I started working as a photography instructor and critique for one of the biggest online photography schools: from California USA. Since 2021 I am the executive manager of Photigy. You can find more details here.

  • 2021 we have extended our hotel client portfolio and added video services as well as virtual tour services to our portfolio. 

  • I am photographing and producing video content for magazines like Forbes, Lifetime Magazine, Ziarul Financiar, Business Week, Psihologia Magazine, Trendshrb, etc.



My major expertise is in the categories below:

Creative shots.jpg

Product Photography

Food and Drinks


Corporate portraits
Personal Branding

Hotel, real-estate & business location Photography

Environmental portrait
Schnitzel 2.jpg

Food Photography

Drone footage


Video Production


Thank you for your time, if you have additional questions please get in touch. I also invite you to check the rest of the website as well as our social media channels. 

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